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Energy Conservation: Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Should Be Your Answer

Those who live in the Northeastern US can attest to the fact that there is definitely something to global warming. Scientists say that Global Warming is the sole responsible agent for the incident. So it would be in our best interests if we will do everything that we can to curtail the fast rising effects of this.

Since global warming seems to be happening because of excessive CO2 emission, Some of these emissions come from plants that provide electricity to residential premises. As normal homeowners, we can help slow the effects of global warming by reducing residential energy consumption. Doing so would be a big contribution since it is estimated that a fifth of US global warming pollution stems from home energy use.

Arguably, heating and cooling account for the largest portion of our home energy consumption. But it would be a mistake to assume that we homeowners can tremendously reduce our energy consumption by just concentrating on how to lessen heating and cooling usage. We are not just using heating and cooling equipment. There are other things that we use in our house that consume electricity. Lighting, for instance, is one of those significant energy eaters.

You may not have thought about it yet, but lighting usage accounts for about 21 percent of our energy consumption. It will be helpful if we will find ways to lessen our lighting usage. We can do that by getting new and energy efficient Hinkley outdoor lighting for our house.

Since 1922, Hinkley has been producing lighting products that suit the needs of the consumer. Now that saving energy is one of the top concerns of today's responsible consumer, Hinkley has stepped up by producing energy saving lighting. Hinkley's outdoor lighting is among the few lighting products line for the outdoors that meets the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

Hinkley outdoor lighting fixtures come equipped with captive reflectors that prevent excessive production of light glare upward to the sky. Hinkley also has outdoor fixtures that are designed to automatically stop from illuminating during daylight hours. They also have LED fixtures for those who are looking for long lasting and cost-effective outdoor lighting solution.

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