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An Outdoor Sconce for Superior Lighting

As the days get longer, your exterior lighting scheme becomes more important to your overall home design. How you and your guests safely move between car and house, how your visitors see their way to your front door, how well your home is illuminated in the wee hours of the night, all of these things matter as summer turns to fall and winter.

The world of outdoor lighting fixtures is vast. You can decide to use outdoor wall lights, a suite of candle sconce lights, wired outdoor lanterns or traditional outdoor sconces. Depending on your property, you may decide you need to use two or three of the fixtures in tandem. For instance, you could use outdoor lanterns near the garage or driveway, outdoor lanterns at the side of the house as a theft deterrent and a set of outdoor sconce fixtures at the front door.

When working with a wall sconce design, it is important to measure the height of the current outdoor lighting fixtures. Are they in a good spot? In other words, can you swap them out, piecemeal for new fixtures? If you can simply unscrew the old fixtures (after you have cut the power to the fixtures, of course!), and install the new ones, you will save hundreds of dollars in electrician fees.

Not all exterior lighting is centered on the front entryway, of course. Outdoor wall lights to illuminate the driveway or outdoor lanterns to show off the back of the house are just as important. For the driveway you will want something sturdy and simple. A lamppost or wired candle sconce could be the perfect accent that far away from the house. You need a fixture that looks nice in light or dark. So many outdoor lighting fixtures look out of place in the daylight.

This is even more important in the backyard. These days the backyard is another room - just as important for entertaining as the living room. So how you light it matters. Depending on the d├ęcor, outdoor lanterns might fit in perfectly, complimenting the furniture and decorations. Some backyards are wired for outdoor wall lights and nothing else. Did you want to grill by the light of a flood light? How comfortable will your party guests be if they have to move between deep shadow and bright light? Much better to assess the area and plan for outdoor sconce groups every 8 to 10 feet. This sort of lighting invites quiet conversation and good times.

An outdoor sconce configuration will provide superior lighting for your home. Take you time and find just the right shape and style to match your taste and budget. These days that should not prove difficult. Home improvement stores and lighting superstores can be found in most towns. Enjoy the adventure of shopping around in search of just the right outdoor lighting fixtures. It is out there -- wait and see.

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